Would you like a DFP Portrait of your own pet?

I will draw you one! ... for a donation of £30 or more to one of the charities I support on the Donate Page.

I draw commissions in the order I receive them so, if you have a particular deadline, please contact me to discuss it first. The finished portrait will be emailed to you as a high-resolution JPEG image file, which you can save and print onto photo paper (canvas, etc) as you choose. A low-resolution version will also be uploaded to DFP Portraits' Gallery and to the Facebook Page (


Two Black Dogs

I work from photographs, using the colours I see, so please make sure your photo is clear and shows any detail you would like included.

Harsh shadow or flash reflection on your pet will affect my perception of your pet's colouring and will be incorporated into the portrait. (See example).

I recommend photos should either be taken at your pet's level or your pet should at least be looking up (whether or not their eyes are open).

Take a look through the Gallery to see which style of photo you think would best suit your pet and your taste.

Please contact me and I will get back to you and you can then send your photo. If you would like a particular colour background, please specify, otherwise I will choose one (usually taken from the photo's background).

I reserve the right to decline any commission.

Thank you